"To Infinity and Beyond!"

We are building a world-wide network of like minded people with a love of  the unknown and a zest for tackling challenges.

When we engage in something this meaningful together, we will live, love, make a difference, succeed and have a ball as we

Believe, Belong, and Become! 

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Starting at YOUR home!

Follow the steps we will show you along the way, so you can become the mentor/teacher of a whole new generation of "World Changers"

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Road to Diamond Team Calls

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Sept 14, 2015

Tyler Norton, ASEA Founder

2015 Velocity Ethos Presentation

Breakthrough Opportunity Powerpoint with Alan Noble

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Alan Noble presenting live at Envision

Updated Alan Noble's Powerpoint transcript (by Marian Palmer)

Questions for Diamonds

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Travel Schedule
Jerry and Marcia White

Thurs Oct 1 7pm    ASEA Overview
                                1098 Melody Ln  suite 500, Roseville, CA
Fri. Oct 2, 7pm        ASEA Overview
                                      1098 Melody Ln Suite 500, Roseville
Sat Oct 3, 10-12am   Business Training
                                        1098 Melody Ln Suite 500, Roseville
Sun Oct 4, 3pm         Business Training
                                      4616 Fairway Ranch Rd, Capitola  
                                      RSVP 831-212-2873
Mon Oct 5, 7 pm         ASEA Overview
                                     21020 W Homestead RD #2, Cupertino
                                      (at Petra Eggert DC's office)
Tues Oct6, 7pm         ASEA Overview
                                     Capitola Health Center
                                     4895 Capitola Rd, Capitola, CA
Weds, Oct 7, 7pm  ASEA Overview
                                      1098 Melody Ln Suite 500
                                      Roseville, Ca
Oct 18-21       Jerry will be in Texas locations TBA

Sat. Training

Every Saturday at 8am PST


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